♨OH HI I'm Nani! I'm a boring artist, I like drawing bad comics. feel free to check out my art or just look around my blog.

♨ do you have a 3ds?
let's be friends: 5000-1711-0098

♨ Feel free to talk to me sometimes, i'm so very lonely


man where do i even begin with this. i’m leaving tumblr ;w;  but i will be back…don’t know when. i’ve come to meet a lot of cool people on this site made some good friends , got in touch with old friends too.but i have to take a break and move on with my art life, it’s hard to explain. tumblr is just very distracting haha i love drawing for other people and drawing fanart but i think i should focus more on drawing for myself (?)  and doing more original art. there’s this thing i want to do and i’ve been delaying it waaaay to long. when i come back i will share this thing! i’m mostly leaving to get a start on this thing!

if you ever want to talk to me i am still active on DA and Pixiv  or you can email me at Walter.the.dawn@hotmail.com. if you see me on it’ll be really brief (just to make sure there’s nothing in my inbox)  this isn’t goodbye..more like..see ya later


Lauryn Losing It Morgan Phillips


Gift for norasuko 

Gift for norasuko 

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